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Consultation/Coaching available for Individuals, Groups, Clubs, Schools and Business's.
Better Relationships, Better Health & Wellbeing, More Abundance, Success at Work & Play. You Can change any aspect of Your Life. Do it Today!
Create Positive Expectations, by Changing how you Think. You CAN Create the Life that You want.
Mishelle will Inspire at Your next Event be it Business, School function, Empowerment, Wellbeing event or Personalized occasion! Simply for Anyone, wanting to Create More in Life.
Be Challenged and Discover how to Guide your Thinking and Change any aspect of Your Life. Fun, Easy Workshops that Deliver. This is the Place to Come and Play!
Go Where You have Never Been before. Learn to Empower Yourself no matter what your circumstances. You were born to LIVE A LIFE WITHOUT FEAR!
Mishelle in Conversations with Inspirational People who Lead by Example, Live an Authentic Life, Follow their Passions and Understand the Power of Now!

Start here by Joining the Vibe with a monthly Dose of Inspiration to Ease the Mind, Energize the Body and Live Your Life Fearlessly. Your Move, I Dare You!


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It Always Works out OK

August 25th, 2015|0 Comments

Driving down the freeway on the weekend, sunshine beaming from the sky, the rear tyre on my car blew.
I was pretty cool about the situation I found myself in. Years ago, this would have been […]

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Gain from Pain

August 20th, 2015|0 Comments

Emotional pain is way of learning and navigating your life.
Imagine if you couldn’t physically feel pain, and touched a hot plate on the stove. We are guided by the physical pain our bodies feel, […]

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One Moment at a Time

August 18th, 2015|0 Comments

Fall in love with your life one moment at a time. It is the fastest and easiest way to get happy.
If looking at your life as a whole doesn’t make you feel happy, break it […]

Change Your Thoughts, LIVE FEARLESSLY

  • Everybody has the Ability to Change there Lives, you just have to Want to do it
  • Results whenever You are Ready! You control Your Own Outcome
  • You Choose: Consultation, Speaking Gigs, Workshops, Courses and The Happy Trail Blog
  • Give Up the Struggle and Live an Easier Life, no matter what Your circumstances
  • You can Always Believe in Yourself and Trust Yourself. You just need to Learn How.
  • Its Time to Start Living a Life you Love
  • Powerful, Flexible and Enjoyable process, whether it be a Consultation or attending an Event
  • Down to earth, Mind opening and the way to Emotional Freedom (Stop Caring about what Others think)
  • Are You Ready to Care about Yourself and how You Feel?
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